Discover the advanced telescopes at Mount Stromlo Observatory, ANU. Mt Stromlo was severely damaged by the firestorm of 18 January 2003. The Farnham was the only telescope to survive the January 2003 firestorm intact, and it has since been used as a public outreach telescope.

Decommissioned telescopes

74-inch Reflector

As the site’s largest and most advanced telescope, the 74-inch reflector was the Observatory’s primary research instrument throughout its lifetime.

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Farnham Telescope

The 6-inch Farnham telescope was built in 1886 and donated to the Commonwealth by the estate of Lord Farnham in 1907. It was installed in 1928 in the original Commonwealth Solar Observatory building.

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Great Melbourne Telescope

This reflector was originally built for the Melbourne Observatory in 1868 for visual (look and sketch) observations. In the 1990s the reflector joined the MACHO project to investigate one of the big mysteries of the universe – ‘dark matter’.

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The Heliostat (or Sun Telescope) was completed in 1931 it became the site’s primary research instrument.

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Reynolds Reflector
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The 30-inch Reynolds telescope was the first reflecting telescope on Mount Stromlo and the largest operational telescope in the Southern Hemisphere until the 1950s.

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The Oddie Refractor

The Oddie Telescope was donated to the Commonwealth in 1909, and established at Stromlo in 1911. The Oddie Dome was the first building on Mount Stromlo, and the first Commonwealth building in Canberra.

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Uppsala-Schmidt Telescope

Built in 1955, this dome housed a 20/26-inch Schmidt telescope under the operation of Sweden's University of Uppsala.

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Yale-Columbia Refractor

The telescope moved to Mount Stromlo and recommenced operation in 1956.

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