Colloquium: Ivo Seitenzahl (UNSW Canberra) 'Type Ia supernovae: from explosion models to observations.

Type Ia supernovae are quite important in different fields of astrophysics; for example as distance indicators in Cosmology, as nucleosynthesis sources for Chemical Evolution, or as Tevatrons for cosmic-rays.

Colloquium: Yuan-Sen Ting (RSAA) 'Can artificial intelligence generate meaningful scientific hypotheses?'

Our research presents the first astronomy-centric Large Language Model (LLM), AstroLLaMa, that can produces text completion and embedding that outperform GPT models. We also show that LLMs can generate scientific hypotheses of a complexity comparable to those produced by human experts.

Research Byte - Astrophysical flows »

Astrophysical flows, which encompasses a wide range of dynamic phenomena like supernovae, accretion discs, and galactic outflows, are driven by complex interactions of various physical processes.

The spIRIT Satellite arrives at Mt Stromlo National Space Testing Facility »

SpIRIT, the first satellite funded by the Australian Space Agency and developed in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency arrives for environmental testing at Mt Stromlo ANU Campus today.