Name Approved to graduate PhD thesis
Anish Mayur Amarsi 2017 Three-Dimensional Non-local Thermodynamic Equilibrium Radiative Transfer and Oxygen Abundances in late-type stars
Wladimir Eduardo Banda-Barragan 2016 Magnetohydrodynamics of Wind-Cloud Interactions: Filament Formation in the Interstellar Medium
Fan Liu 2016 Chemical Signatures of Planet Formation in Field and Open Cluster Stars
Tammy Ann Roderick 2016 Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies: A Search for Stellar Substructure
Yan Jun Zhou 2015 Discovery and Characteristics of Transiting Planets and Low Mass Stars
Frederic Paul Andre Vogt 2015 Gas Flows and Star Formation as a Consequence of Galaxy Interaction in Compact Groups
Cherie Kate Fishlock 2015 Tracing the Evolution of the Galactic Halo through Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Luke Jeremy Shingles 2015 Neutron-Capture Nucleosynthesis and the Chemical Evolution of Globular Clusters
Louise Margaret Howes 2015 The Oldest Stars in the Galaxy – Searching for Metal-Poor Stars in the Galactic Bulge
Marc Christopher White 2014 Outflows from young stellar objects: the case of DG Tauri
David Nicholls 2014 Nebular metallicites in isolated dwarf irregular galaxies
Andrew Raithby Casey 2014 Exploring substructure in the outer halo of the Milky Way
Michele Taisia Bannister 2014 Kuiper Belt Objects in the Southern Hemisphere Sky
Bradley Elton Tucker 2013 Through the Optical Glass: Multi-Wavelength Studies of Type Ia Supernova and their Host Galaxies
Ragini Singh 2013 Quasars and the Transverse Proximity Effect
Melissa Kay Ness 2013 The formation of the galactic bulge of the Milky Way
Devika Kamath Kotachery 2013 Studies of AGB stars
Eriita Gwendoline Jones 2012 Liquid Water on Mars
Simon John Murphy 2012 Revealing the Chamaeleon: young, low-mass stars surrounding Eta and Epsilon Chamaeleontis
Catherine Louise Farage 2012 The link between extended line emission and AGN feedback in brightest cluster galaxies
Wolfgang Kerzendorf 2011 Type Ia supernovae: explosions and progenitors
Daniella Carollo 2011 Structure, kinematics and chemical abundances of the inner and outer halo populations
Christine Peta Nicholls 2011 Evolution and variability of binary and single AGB stars
Emily Kate Moylan 2011 Dynamics of elliptical and bulge galaxies using planetary nebulae
Chas Egan 2010 The return of the heat death
Emma Marie Kirby 2010 Sharing the Baryons: Stars and Gas in Local Volume Galaxies
Lachlan Arnold Campbell 2010 The 6dF galaxy redshift survey tiling algorithm
Wolfgang Simon Hayek 2010 Photon scattering 3D radiation-hydrodynamical simulations of late-type stellar atmospheres
Grant Malcolm Kennedy 2009 Planet formation across the stellar mass spectrum
Se-Heon Oh 2009 Dark and luminous matter in dwarf galaxies
Jonathon Kocz 2009 Applied radio frequency interference removal in radio astronomy
Michiharu Hyogo 2009 Measuring the size distribution of long period comets (MPhil)
Tiago Mendes Domingos Pereira 2009 Confronting the new generation of stellar model atmospheres with observations
Michael Sean Goodwin 2009 Turbulence profiling at Siding Spring and Las Campanas Observatories
Daniel Douglas Bayliss 2009 SuperLupus : a long-duration survey for transiting planets
Jose Antonio Robles-Martinez 2009 The production and fractionation of chemical elements in the universe: constraints on terrestrial planets
Leith Edward Hope Godfrey 2009 Multiwavelength studies of x-ray bright extragalactic jets
Philip Kenneth Lah 2009 The evolution of gas in galaxies
Joshua William Rich 2008 A practical evaluation of the multi-scale CLEAN deconvolution algorithm for interferometric radio measurements
Vicky Safouris 2008 Environmental influence on the evolution of jets from active galactic nuclei
Sayuri Louise Prior 2008 RR Lyrae stars as tracers of substructure in the galactic halo (MPhil)
Jackie Louise Cooper 2008 A three-dimensional study of starburst-driven galactic winds
Mary Elaine Kathleen Williams 2008 The Arcturus Moving Group
Shane Michael Walsh 2008 Tracing the faintest Milky Way satellites
Ewan Cameron 2008 Galaxy bimodality & evolution from high to low redshift
Damian Fabbian 2008 Chemical compositions of stars in the light of non-LTE spectral line formation : the evolution of carbon and oxygen in the Galaxy
Laura Dunn 2007 SAPAC: an SBF analysis pipeline for mapping the 3-D structure of the local universe
Eduard Westra 2007 A wide field narrowband survey for star forming galaxies at different epochs
Christine Thurl 2007 Studying stellar atmospheres via microlensing
Laura Maree Stanford 2007 Investigations into Omega Centauri
Jessica Clare O'Brien 2007 Probing the shape of dark halos of thin edge-on disk galaxies
Craig Harrison 2007 The stellar populations in early-type galaxies
Sebastian Gurovich 2007 An Observational Study of the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation
Maria Elena Salvo 2006 SN Ia and Cosmology: How good are NS Ia as Distance Indicators?
Anna Frebel 2006 Abundance Analysis of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars from the Hamburg/ESO Survey
Antoine Claude Bouchard 2006 The evolution of dwarf galaxies in nearby groups
Holly Elizabeth Sims 2006 MHD Simulations of Twisted Magnetic Flux Tubes
Gayandhi Manomala De Silva 2006 Chemical Homogeneity in Open Clusters
Brandon West Tingley 2006 Going from Light Curves to Confirmed Exoplanets
David Thomas Frederick Weldrake 2005 Giant Planets and Variable Stars in Globular Clusters
Minh Tieu Huynh 2005 Constraining the Star Formation History of the Universe with Deep Radio Data
Rachel Anne Moody 2005 The Southern Edgeworth Kuiper Belt Survey
Bradley Evan Warren 2005 The Nature of High H1 Mass-to-Light Ratio Field Galaxies
Catherine Louise Drake 2004 Intermediate radio loud Iras Galaxies
Matthew Grant Coleman 2004 Tidal Structure in Galactic Satelites
Brent Allan Groves 2004 Pressure in Photoionized Plasmas
Enrico Adrian Olivier 2004 Variable Red Giant Stars: Long Secondary Periods and Nonlinear Pulsation Models
Gregory Mark Wilson 2004 Adiabatic Compression of Dark Matter Halos
Paul Antony Price 2003 What Makes a Gamma-Ray Burst?
Isabel Perez-Martin 2003 Dark Matter in the Inner Parts of Barred Galaxies
Michelle M Buxton 2002 Optical and infrared observations of low-mass X-ray binaries with black hole candidates
Lisa Jennifer Kewley 2002 The AGN-starburst connection in warm infrared galaxies
Lisa Maree Germany 2001 The Mount Stromlo Abell cluster supernova search
Andrew John Drake 2001 The detection of microlensing with difference image analysis
Stefan Claude Keller 2001 Young populous clusters in the Magellanic Clouds
Mary Elaine Putman 2001 Mapping the Galaxy's neutral hydrogen halo
Roberto Soria 2000 Accretion processes in black-hole binaries
David William Pfitzner 2000 The structure of halos in CDM universes
David Heath Jones 2000 Tunable filter surveys of star-forming galaxies
Raven Kaldare 2000 The FLAIR Shapley / Hydra Redshift survey
Mark George Allen 1999 Excitation of the narrow-line regions of active galaxies
Sung-Eun Kim 1999 An HI aperture synthesis mosaic and H-alpha survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Martin Bureau 1999 Bars in edge-on spiral galaxies
Alister William McKenzie Graham 1998 Elliptical galaxies: structure, dynamics and applications
Frank de Ruyter 1998 IRAS galaxies behind the Milky Way (MSc)
Benjamin Willem Stappers 1998 Observations of eclipsing and binary pulsars
Claudia Faye Mccain 1997 Morphology and kinematics of interacting galaxies: the spheroidal + irregular pairs
Kim Sebo 1997 Cepheids and long-period variables near Magellanic Cloud clusters
Brett S Wells 1997 The far infrared to radio continuum correlation for nearby star-forming galaxies
Steven J Tingay 1996 Parsec and sub-parsec-scale structure and evolution in nearby compact radio sources and relationships to emission at other wavelengths
Sylvie F Beaulieu 1996 Dynamics of the Galactic bulge using planetary nebulae
Anton Michael Koekemoer 1996 Dynamics and excitation of extended emission-line regions in radio galaxies
Jonathon Falder Bell 1996 Binary and millisecond radio pulsars
Haida Liang 1996 Distribution of matter in clusters of galaxies
Jayanne English 1995 Gas dynamics and globular cluster formation in interacting galaxies
Christopher Erik Lidman 1995 An optical search for distant galaxy clusters
Stephanie M O H Côté 1995 Dwarf galaxies in nearby southern groups
Angela E Samuel 1993 The nature of star formation in the Trapezium Cluster
Markus Buchhorn 1993 Dark matter in spiral galaxies
Carl J Grillmair 1993 Dynamics of globular cluster systems
Boudewijn François Roukema 1993 Studies of the faint galaxy population
Ralph S Sutherland 1993 Interstellar shock fluorescence
Stuart D Ryder 1993 Massive star formation in galactic disks
Emanuel Vassiliadis 1993 Evolution from AGB star to planetary nebula
Yong-Ik Byun 1993 Dust opacity and structure of spiral galaxies
Saul Caganoff 1992 Optical emission lines in radio sources of intermediate power
Nick Achilleos 1992 Atmospheres nad Accretion Halos of Magnetic White Dwarfs
Ruan Kui 1991 Photospheric studies of M dwarf stars
Gregory Albert Wilson 1991 Kinematic and observational studies of stellar streams
Mark L Winsall 1991 Kinematics of giant elliptical galaxies and a study of nucleated dwarf elliptical galaxies
Sean Gerard Ryan 1990 Abundances and kinematics of high proper motion stars
Lilia Ferrario 1990 Accretion processes in AM Herculis systems
Robert Andrew Cameron 1990 A radio, optical and X-ray study of PKS 2104-25
Simon Richard Wayte 1990 The structure, dynamics and evolution of the Magellanic System
Roger James Verge Brissenden 1990 A multifrequency study of X-ray selected active galactic nuclei from the HEAO-1 survey
Matthew Bailes 1990 The origin of pulsar velocities
Chris M L Flynn 1990 The Galactic force law and the thick disk
Hans-Gerhardt R Meurer 1990 NGC 1705 and the evolution of blue compact dwarf galaxies
David A H Buckley 1990 Optica and X-ray studies of HEAO-1 X-ray sources
Glen Howard Mackie 1990 The stellar content of central dominant galaxies
Iain R Hercus 1990 A multiphase model of galactic collapse
Stephen Charles Russell 1990 Abundances of the heavy elements in the Magellanic Clouds
Steven Maxwell Straw 1989 The global morphologies of active star formation regions
Heather Lorraine Morrison 1989 Metal weak giants of the inner halo and the disk
George Paltoglou 1989 Populations in old stellar systems
Shaun Michael G Hughes 1989 The nature and kinematics of long-period variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Michael Charles B Ashley 1989 The type-I planetary nebulae NGC 6302 and NGC 6537
Stephen John Meatheringham 1988 Dynamics and evolution of planetary nebulae
Peter Fletcher Teague 1988 The dynamics and structure of rich clusters of galaxies
John Marshall Brett 1988 Spectrum synthesis of cool stars
Rodney M Smith 1987 Observations of a sample of southern radio galaxies
Ian Nigel Evans 1987 Calibration of the H II regiona abundance sequence and abundances in Seyfert galaxies
Catherine Margaret Lance 1987 Young, high-velocity A stars
R Alex Ruelas-Mayorga 1987 Infrared studies of the structure of the Galaxy
Gregg Rowley 1987 The structure of box-shaped galaxies
Richard James Wainscoat 1987 An infrared and optical study of edge-on galaxies
James Robert Lewis 1987 Kinematics and chemical properties of the old disk
Neil E B Killeen 1985 A radio to X-ray study of IC 4296 (PKS 1333-33) and NGC 1399 (PKS 0336-35)
Desmond John Hillier 1984 The extended atmosphere of the WN Star HD 50896
Colin S Coleman 1984 Axisymmetric models of extragalactic jets
Matthew W Fox 1984 The pulsation of long-period variables
Andrew John Pickles 1984 Differential population synthesis of 17 early-type galaxy nuclei in the Fornax Cluster
Kavan Upajiva Ratnatunga 1984 Outer regions of the Galactic halo
Graeme Hayward Smith 1983 The nature of cyanogen inhomogeneities within star clusters
Ian Robert George Wilson 1983 The evolution of H II regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Elaine Margaret Sadler 1983 Radio and optical observations of a complete sample of E and SO galaxies
Luc Aurelle Binette 1983 General spectral synthesis of nebular emission line regions
Dominic Michael Zarro 1983 Stellar chromospheres: H-alpha and Ca II K Profiles
Peter Joseph Quinn 1983 The dynamics of disk galaxy mergers
Claude Carignan 1983 Photometry and kinematics of pure disk galaxies
Warrick John Couch 1982 The colour evolution of galaxies in clusters
Peter J Mcgregor * 1981 Late-type supergiant stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Susan L Barrell 1980 Beat Cepheid studies
Alan Leslie Duus 1980 A Study of the Fornax I cluster of galaxies
David Griersmith 1980 The CM effect for early-type spiral galaxies
Mark Philip Schwarz 1979 Gas response to a rotating stellar bar
Peter Ledsam Cottrell 1978 Spectrum synthesis of evolved stars
Don Allan Vandenberg 1978 Globular cluster gas flow and stellar evolution studies
James Frederick Burrell 1978 A study of several R Coronae Borealis variables
Martha Noeleen Cleary 1977 Local galactic structure
See-Woo Lee 1977 Accurate C-M diagrams of six southern globular clusters
Gary Stewart Da Costa 1977 The structure and content of globular clusters
Jeremy Richard Mould 1976 The lower main sequence and the atmospheres of M dwarfs
Robert Arthur Gingold 1976 The helium burning evolution of low mass stars
Mun-Suk Chun 1976 Observational evidence for radial inhomogeneities in globular clusters
Harvey Raymond Butcher 1974 Observational aspects of nucleosynthesis
Garth Darrel Illingworth 1974 Masses of globular clusters
Gary Royce Hovey 1974 Software correction of astronomical telescope pointing errors
Peter Robert Wood 1973 Stellar evolution and planetary nebula ejection
John Bernard Hearnshaw 1972 The abundances of the elements in the oldest disk stars
John William Robertson * 1972 The evolution of massive stars
Ian Andrew Lockhart * 1971 High resolution observations at 80 MHz of Galactic and extragalactic radio sources
Norman Roy Stokes * 1971 The variability of M-stars (MSc)
Robert Dudley Watson 1971 A study of the Beta Cephei stars
Edward George Schmidt 1970 An astrophysical investigation of four classical Cepheid variable stars
John Edward Norris 1970 Neutral-helium line strengths in the early-type stars
Jasper Vivian Wall 1970 A deep sky survey at 2700 MHz
Krzysztof Serkowski * 1970 On polarization of starlight (DSc)
Beverley June Harris (Wills) 1969 Radio spectra of QSOs and galaxies
Donna Dee Hain (Shinkawa) 1969 The Mira variable S Carinae
Anthony Lockington Brooke * 1969 Infrared observations of globular cluster giants
Brian Murray Lewis 1969 The masses of some southern galaxies
Edward Barry Newell 1969 Hot extreme Population II stars
Ronald David Ekers 1967 The structure of southern radio sources
Gerard Henri de Vaucouleurs * 1967 Manuel de Photographie Scientifique (DSc)
Michael Stanley Bessell 1967 A study of some southern short period variables
John William Menzies 1967 Three-colour photometry of southern globular clusters
Lindsey Fairfield Smith 1967 Narrow band photometry of Wolf-Rayet stars
Ardon Robin Hyland 1967 A study of southern galactic clusters and the peculiar stars associated with them
Betty Louise Webster * 1966 Southern planetary nebulae
Richard Marcus Price 1966 Cosmic background radiation at 408 Mc/s
Natarajan Visvanathan * 1966 Polarization in the Galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud
Rawi Bhavilai 1965 The structure and dynamics of the solar chromosphere
James Alfred Koehler 1965 Intergalactic Atomic Neutral Hydogren
John Archibald Graham 1964 The application of hydrogen line photometry to Milky way research
Robert Reginald Shobbrook * 1964 Photographic, spectrographic and photometric studies of southern galaxies
David Sher 1964 Distances of some open clusters near Eta Carinae
Ivan John Danziger 1964 A high dispersion spectral study of one carbon star and two barium stars
Donald Jack Faulkner * 1963 A study of the 30 Doradus and Eta Carinae Nebulae
Roger Alistair Bell * 1962 White dwarf stars
John Bartlett Whiteoak 1962 The structure of the southern Milky way
Alexander William Rodgers * 1958 A photometric study of the Southern Coalsack
Colin Stanley Gum * 1955 A study of diffuse southern H-alpha nebulae
Antoni Przybylski * 1954 The maximum effect of convection in stellar atmospheres on the observed properties of stellar spectra

* Deceased