RSAA provides a range of opportunities for undergraduate students to take part in research programs with astronomers at the school.

Research topic for ANU undergraduates

research topic course (ASTR3005) is offered to later-year ANU undergraduates, in which students undertake a research project in any area of astrophysics over the course of a semester.

Internship program & winter school

The RSAA runs an internship program that provides an opportunity for students to do research work at the observatory in parallel to undergraduate study, and hosts a mid-year winter school that provides a select group of ANU undergraduates the chance to experience research and observing activities at the school. 

ANU summer research scholarship

In addition, ANU summer research scholarship places at RSAA are available to students from around Australia and New Zealand during the university summer break each year.


A list of potential research projects is available on the potential projects page.