SkyMapper instrument

Features of the SkyMapper wide-field camera, designed and built at RSAA.

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Wide-Field Spectrograph (WiFeS)

WiFeS is an integral-field, or imaging, spectrograph, meaning that it records a spectrum from each pixel of the region that is imaged.  WiFeS was designed and built at RSAA and installed at the 2.3m telescope in May 2009.

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Cryogenic Array Spectrometer/Imager (CASPIR)

CASPIR was an infrared imager and spectrograph that was designed and constructed at MSO for operation on the 2.3m telescope.

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Dual-Beam Spectrograph (DBS)

The Dual-Beam Spectrograph was a general purpose optical slit spectrograph that was mounted at the Nasmyth A focus of the ANU 2.3m telescope.

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Echelle spectrograph

The 2.3m Echelle is a high-resolution echelle spectrograph that operates at mid-optical wavelengths, previously mounted on the ANU 2.3m telescope.

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The 2.3m Telescope Imager is an optical imaging camera that is mounted at a Nasmyth focal station.

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Tiptilt infrared secondary mirror

The tiptilt system were developed at RSAA for the 2.3m telescope, to correct motion of the guide star caused by atmospheric seeing and guide errors.

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