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Research themes

black hole

Explores black hole phenomena, focusing on their nature, roles in galaxies, and impacts such as the formation of active galactic nuclei and galaxy evolution.

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Employs galactic archaeology to explore the Milky Way's history and structure by analysing the properties of stars, gas, and other celestial bodies, aided significantly by the SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey.

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The Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics (RSAA) at ANU specialises in the research and development of advanced astronomical instrumentation.

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An in-depth exploration of stellar and planetary astronomy, focusing on the formation, evolution, and chemical diversity of stars and their systems, as well as the study of planets within and beyond our solar system, including the search for extrasolar planets and conditions for life.

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Explores the vast complexities of the cosmos, focusing on the formation and interaction of galaxies, the early universe, dark matter, and cosmic expansion, contributing to groundbreaking discoveries like the accelerating expansion of the universe, a phenomenon pivotal to our understanding of cosmic evolution.

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