RSAA at sunset

Mission & values


  • advance the observational and theoretical frontiers of astronomy and astrophysics, and their enabling technologies
  • provide national and international scientific leadership, and
  • train outstanding scientists.

Values statement

The ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics strives to be all-inclusive, anti-discriminatory, environment-friendly, and community-driven. Members of the School shall be honest, open, ethical and empathetic and shall uphold equity and respect for colleagues in all professional dealings and in related social settings. Therefore, the School values…

  • Integrity.........we conduct our research, teaching, and professional activities with integrity.
  • Acceptance....we celebrate and encourage the diversity of humanity and are enriched by it.
  • Nurture..........we actively support and promote growth in all School members.
  • Community....we are a supportive professional community always seeking improvement.
  • Courtesy ........we treat everyone in our professional lives with courtesy and respect.
  • Inspiration.....we seek to inspire with our research, teaching and community engagement.

The RSAA Values Statement and Behaviour Guidelines were written collaboratively in 2020 by the RSAA Director (M. Colless), RSAA School Manager (R. Alam), student representatives (P. Sharda & S. Monty), ECR representative (N. Martinez-Rey) and RSAA Senior Student Administrator (A. Bardelang). A draft of both the Values Statement and Guidelines were circulated to the School prior to finalisation to receive feedback from the RSAA community. These documents are reviewed on a regular basis.