Information for visitors & activities

Visitors centre Siding Spring Observatory Science in the Pub

The Siding Spring Exploratory houses an astronomy exhibition area with hands-on activities for the whole family. Enjoy a great coffee, lunch or a snack at the Exploratory café and browse the wonderful variety of souvenirs and gifts available.

The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) houses the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) which is the largest optical telescope in Australia. The AAT is an impressive four storeys high and holds a 3.9m, 16 tonne ceramic glass mirror. Inside this massive dome is a visitor viewing gallery open to the public and free of charge. From the gallery you can see the telescope and read about its history and the discoveries it has made.

Behind the AAO building is a lookout which overlooks the iconic Warrumbungle National Park. Take a moment to view the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding Siding Spring Observatory.


Please visit Dark Sky Traveller  for opening hours and a range of activities.

Please note: Siding Spring Observatory (SSO) is a working research facility and as such we are not open at night for public viewing.

During times of Severe Fire Danger (or higher) and extreme weather events, the observatory will be closed to visitors.