Information for new and current students

How to get program and administrative advice as a current student

PhD/MPhil: Depending on the nature of your question, your primary supervisor, the HDR convenor Professor Helmut Jerjen or the HDR Administrator ( are all possible first contacts who can refer you on if they cannot answer your question.

Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Advanced)/Master of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics/Master of Science (Advanced) in Astronomy and Astrophysics: Enrolment advice is given by the Master's program convenor Professor Michael Ireland. Questions regarding your Masters thesis should be directed to the ASTR8010 Masters thesis convener Associate Professor Christian Wolf. If you require administrative help, please contact

Honours Year in Astronomy and Astrophysics: Information about the application process and status need to be directed to the College of Science student administration team:; enrolment advice is given by the Honours convenor Professor Michael Ireland. For questions regarding your Honours thesis (course ASTR4005) please contact the Honours thesis course convenor Associate Professor Christian Wolf.

Students majoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics: Please contact Associate Professor Michael Ireland for enrolment advice.

Induction handbook

If you are a new Honours, Masters or PhD/MPhil student at the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA), please take some time to read through the RSAA Student Induction Handbook (you can find a copy on the RSAA intranet). You will find useful academic information about your program as well as practical information regarding accommodation, travelling to Mount Stromlo, Health and Safety on Mount Stromlo and important contact details.

You can also contact in order to request the Student Induction Handbook.


Contact if you are a new student in the PhD/MPhil, Masters or Honours program.

Coursework information

RSAA Timetable Semester 1 2021 (pdf, 91KB)

RSAA Timetable Semester 2 2021

(Please check this timetable regularly before the start of semester as sometimes changes occur at short notice.)

For courses taught on the Acton campus, please check the central ANU timetable here.

Summer Session 2021 courses offered by RSAA

  • ASTR1001 Astrophysics (ONLINE)
  • ASTR3005 Astrophysics Research Topic

Semester 1 2021 courses offered by RSAA

  • ASTR1001 Astrophysics (online course)
  • ASTR3005 Astrophysics Research Topic
  • ASTR3007/6007 Stars (online live)
  • ASTR3013/6013 Astrophysical Processes (Acton campus - dual delivery)
  • ASTR8001 Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Project
  • ASTR4011/8011 Observational Techniques (Mount Stromlo - dual delivery)
  • ASTR4017/8007 Diffuse Matter in the Universe (Mount Stromlo - dual delivery)

Semester 2 2021 courses offered by RSAA

  • ASTR1001 Astrophysics (online course)
  • ASTR2013 Foundations of Astrophysics (Acton Campus - dual delivery)
  • ASTR3002/6002 Galaxies and Cosmology (online live)
  • ASTR3005 Astrophysics Research Topic
  • ASTR8001 Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Project
  • ASTR4003/8003 High Energy Astrophysics (Mount Stromlo - dual delivery)
  • ASTR4004/8004 Astronomical Computing (Mount Stromlo - dual delivery)
  • ASTR8016 Optical Instrumentation (Acton Campus - dual delivery)

Honours with specialisation in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Honours Thesis course ASTR4005)

ASTR4005 Astronomy and Astrophysics IV Honours Research Project (usual enrolment per semester is 12 units for full-time Honours year students; this is the Honours thesis course)

Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Adv) and Master of Science (Advanced) in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Research Thesis course ASTR8010)

ASTR8010 Astrophysics Research Topic: Students enrol in 24 units coursework only in their first semester, 12 units ASTR8010 (and 12 units coursework) in their second and thrid semester and 24 units ASTR8010 in their final semester. If students wish to enrol in ASTR8010 in their first semester they require approval from the Masters program convener.

Please look up detailed course information on Programs & Courses.