Laser communications

The Australian National University brings together experts with deep technical experience in link acquisition and tracking, adaptive optics, and quantum encryption. Using adaptive optics to correct for atmospheric turbulence, we can provide robust, high-speed, free space (not optical fibre), ground-to-ground (or ship-to-shore), and ground-to-space laser communications. This technology delivers data transmissions of superior quantity and range, for advanced satellite experiments and deep space exploration, for example. Quantum key distribution encrypts laser communications securely for Defence and Internet applications, such as high speed trading. We have decades of experience in international projects and proven success in industry collaboration. For example, we are part of the international consortium constructing the $1billion Giant Magellan Telescope. We are also collaborating with industry and NASA on space debris tracking and management, adaptive optics, and propagating laser beams through the atmosphere.

Finding innovative solutions to unique and difficult problems is our core strength. Our expanding facilities allow for multiple large and complex projects. We take pride in our reputation for high quality results and on-time delivery.