Our facilities enable the engineering of complex astronomical and space mission instruments from concept through to launch pad. Our leading experts, specialist environments, precision manufacturing and rigorous testing are ideal for end-to-end production of spacecraft and instrumentation.

We have the only space simulation facility in the region, allowing us to extensively test space mission instruments.  We can mimic not only the challenging conditions of airlessness and dramatic temperature fluctuations in space, but also the demanding vibrations and accelerations generated during launch to ensure that our equipment will still perform and function correctly after launch.

Our expanding facilities allow for multiple large and complex projects and include the following:

  • Large and small cleanrooms
  • Space simulation facility – thruster test configuration
  • Space simulation facility – thermal-vacuum test configuration
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test chamber
  • Thermal cycling facility
  • Mass properties testing
  • Mechanical shock testing
  • Pyrotechnic shock testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Materials processing
  • 3D printing

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