Giving to RSAA

As Australia’s oldest and largest astronomy department, it is no surprise that we have been involved in some of the biggest discoveries in space. We pride ourselves on our staff and students’ dedication towards understanding humanity’s place in the Universe.

In order to continue our ground-breaking research, we need additional support. Every donation helps us to purchase equipment to prototype new instruments and satellites, access supercomputers to run some of the most complex simulations of the Universe, and to maintain our state-of-the-art scientific facilities.

Donations also provide essential funding to early career academics and research students who show tremendous potential as up-and-coming leaders in their field, but who are often not eligible for Commonwealth funding.

At the crux of our research and hard work is the next generation of scientists waiting to be inspired by the Universe and everything it encompasses. Donations also go towards our outreach and education programs which bring the Universe to people from all around Australia.

You can donate online or contact Jock Gavel, Senior Advancement Manager, to discuss other ways to support RSAA.