Space science & climate change

Space science & climate change: Alan Smith and Ady James
As part of Mt Stromlo's centenary celebrations for 2011, this lecture series provides an opportunity to hear from experts in space science technology. In order to understand fully the causes of climate change we must understand the complex interactions that control our environment on a global scale. Space assets provide the most effective way of studying the conditions, composition and changes of our atmosphere/biosphere on a planet-wide scale. This talk will first explore what is 'known' about climate change and then explain how space technology can deliver the precision and coverage that will be necessary to give confidence to our model-based predictions of the future. Climate mitigation strategies begin with understanding. Space technology can provide that knowledge.
Professor Alan Smith -- Alan Smith was awarded a PhD at Leicester University in 1978 based on his X-ray study of supernova remnants. His work involved the payload development and flight of a Skylark sounding rocket from Woomera South Australia. His early career involved a combination of technology development (space flight hardware on European, and Russian satellites), project management and astrophysics. Between 1984-1990 he worked for the European Space Agency at its Technology centre in Netherlands. In 1990 he joined University College London's Mullard Space Science Laboratory, initially as Head of Detector Physics but later as Programme Manager and eventually Director and Head of Department (2005). In 1998 he was made a Professor of Detector Physics.
Dr Ady James - Ady James is a Senior Research Fellow at University College London (UCL) Department of Space and Climate Physics. He has worked at UCL for twenty years on various space programmes, including Mars 96, Cluster, XMM Newton, and Solar B in the role of project manager. As well as his project management activities Dr James provides training courses to industry on various aspects of Systems Engineering and Project Management and is the course director for the UCL MSc in Systems Engineering Management.
A recording of the lecture is provided by the YouTube ANU Channel. Recordings that include the lecture slides are also available: