Computational Astrophysics Laboratory

COALA = 128 cores + 140 TB RAID

The Computational Astrophysics Laboratory, or COALA, is a high-performance computing (HPC) system that is available to theorists and astronomers at RSAA. It is used for data analysis, numerical simulations, visualisation for public outreach, and for research training at the school.

COALA is administered and maintained by a committee of users at Mount Stromlo. All staff and students with high-performance computing needs are encouraged to consider using COALA.  The facility was specifically configured for HPC and was purchased with specific scientific programs in mind, so all users are required to apply for access. Students are particularly encouraged to apply. This is a great training ground to prepare for using the ANU supercomputing facility on campus.

If you would like to use this facility, please fill out the information in this email form, which will be sent to the project scientist.


Supercomputing system: National Computational Infrastructure

Simulation codes: Gadget , Flash

Visualisation: VisIt , PGPLOT