ANU 2.3m Telescope

The ANU 2.3m Telescope was built in the early 1980s, at the initiative of the then director, Don Mathewson. The entire project was managed by the observatory's own technical staff, and a large amount of the construction was also undertaken in-house. The design of the 2.3m Telescope, also called the Advanced Technology Telescope, incorporated three radical features never before combined in a single instrument - an uncommonly thin mirror, an alt-az mount, and a rotating building.

The 2.3m Telescope is frequently used by students from RSAA and other universities, and provides hands-on experience of observing with a large optical astronomical telescope.

Observing time on the 2.3m Telescope is allocated by the RSAA time assignment committee each quarter based on written applications for use. See the Information for observers page for more information about who can apply, and how to apply for time. 

  • 2.3m, f/2.05 primary mirror
    • 4715mm focal length
    • 2300mm outside diameter
    • 500mm diameter central hole
    • 3.973 square metre collecting area
  • 0.3m, f/7.85 secondary for Nasmyth
    • 18056mm focal length
    • Plate scale : 4.964 arcsec/mm
    • 80mm diameter (6.62 arcmin) unvignetted field of view
  • 0.3m, f/7.85 tip-tilt secondary for Cassegrain (18056mm focal length )
  • Alt-Azimuth telecope mount