The Galactic ASKAP Survey of Atomic Gas structure and temperature of the Magellanic System

The Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) is a new radio telescope in Western Australia at the site of the SKA.   The Galactic ASKAP survey (GASKAP-HI) will reveal the structure, kinematics, and thermodynamics of atomic hydrogen (HI)  in the Milky Way and Magellanic System with resolution a factor of 3 to 30 times finer than existing 21-cm surveys of the Southern sky. Atomic hydrogen is so widespread in and around galaxies that it provides the best tracer for their dynamics. We have a variety of projects that will use the new GASKAP-HI data to study the structure and temperature of hydrogen in the Magellanic System.  

Example projects include:

  • Using  the structure, temperature and multi-phase nature of the Magellanic Stream to study the origin and evolution of the Stream as it orbits through the Milky Way’s halo. We will specifically address: What can the physical processes shaping the current Magellanic Stream and Leading Arm tell us about the fate of the Magellanic System and gas accretion onto the Milky Way?
  • Doing interstellar medium astrophysics with GASKAP-HI in the Magellanic Clouds to answer fundamental questions like: How does the formation of CNM proceed in low metallicity environments? What is the role of the CNM in setting star formation efficiency?