Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics for deep space optical communications: The Moon and beyond.

This project aims to demonstrate the advantages of LGS-AO for deep space optical communications.

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This project is open for Bachelor, Honours and PhD students.
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The ANU Ground Station construction is almost finished at Mount Stromlo Observatory, becoming one of the nodes in the Australasian optical communications network. The ANU node will be used as a testing platform for the most innovative research projects in the field of optical and quantum communications with satellites. One of these projects will be an R&D test bench for Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics (LGS-AO) technologies applied to deep space optical communications to the Moon and Mars.

Optical communications are a line-of-sight technology which consists of sending a modulated laser beam from point to point. Adaptive Optics systems are essential to overcome the undesired effects of the atmospheric turbulence on the laser links when the communications occur from the ground to space. This project aims to demonstrate the advantages of LGS-AO for deep space optical communications. It can accommodate short- and long-term research activities, in which the students will gain valuable experience in an industry-like but research-driven environment at the RSAA Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre.



Undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to contact the project team and inquire about current and potential research projects. Prior experience in at least two of the following disciplines is required: physics, optics/optical engineering, system engineering, space engineering, instrumentation, optical communications, laser systems, control systems, computer science. Students with science communication experience and/or prior experience bringing the arts and science together within STEAM initiatives (STEAM=Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) are also encouraged and welcome to inquire about possible projects.



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