Veloce Rosso

Veloce Rosso will be Australia’s next premier astronomical instrument. It will equip the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) with a precision radial velocity spectrograph, capable of detecting Earth-like planets around sun-like stars.


Veloce Rosso needs to be sensitive to red light between the wavelengths of 588 nm and 900 nm, with a resolution of 75,000 (0.004 nm). It also has to be extremely stable. This means our goal is for the temperature and air pressure in the instrument to be constant to within 0.01 °C and 1 mbar respectively.


Veloce Rosso was designed at the AITC and is currently under construction. It will be ready for installation early 2018.


Initial test results show that we have met the challenging stability requirements for Veloce Rosso’s environmental control systems.


The Veloce project is being led by the University of New South Wales. The ANU/AITC is designing and building the instrument, with fibre optics and software provided by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) Other partners include the University of Southern Queensland, Macquarie University, Swinburne University of Technology, and the University of Sydney.