Applying for time on the SSO telescope of KMTNet

As a host institution for one node of the Korean Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet), ANU is entitled to a share of the time on the SSO-based telescope, which it is now making available to all Australian astronomers.


ANU has access to the KMTNet-SSO telescope at a level of 10% of the observing time (i.e. up to 36 nights per year), but exercising that right requires consultation with KMTNet. The current site agreement stipulates that ANU access will only be for time that is outside the Galactic Bulge season (March to October). KMTNet and ANU encourage collaboration based on joint scientific projects using KMTNet facilities and data.

The KMTNet telescope at SSO is one of three 1.6m telescopes, each  with a field of view of 4.0 deg2. The telescopes have Johnson-Cousins BVRI filters and 340-Megapixel CCD cameras, with a plate scale of 0.40 arcsec per pixel. Typical overheads are 90s per image.

Applying for KMTNet time

Calls for KMTNet proposals have typically been issued once per year (in September or October), with specific dates allocated between October and February.

Successful proposals will need to supply an observing script (, but observations will be carried out by the dedicated observing staff, after which you will need to download the data. KASI will provide master flat field and bias images, and pre-processed data using MSCRED. Each raw file is ~716 MB. You may work with the on-site observers if you wish, but the telescope control system can only be operated by the dedicated observers.

When calls for proposals are issued, the applications are submitted by e-mail to the ANU TAC chair (

Your application should contain the following information:

  • Names and institutions of all proposers.
  • Specific nights requested, and minimum useful allocation.
  • A one-page science case.