RSAA scientist elected as Academy of Science Fellow

26 March 2014

The Australian Academy of Science has honoured seven ANU scientists by electing them as Fellows in recognition of their contribution to scientific research.  Among them is RSAA Professor Lisa Kewley.

The seven are among 21 new Australian Academy of Science Fellows, who will be admitted to the Fellowship in May.

Australian Academy of Science Fellowships recognise the nation’s most distinguished scientists. Fellows are elected by their peers for outstanding research that has pushed back the frontiers of knowledge.

The new Fellows are:

Professor Lisa Kewley from the Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, elected for her fundamental advances in understanding of the history of the universe, particularly star and galaxy formation;

Professor Alan Carey from the Mathematical Sciences Institute, elected for his original research in several distinct areas of pure mathematics, particularly in infinite dimensional groups and their application to quantum field theory;

Professor Peter Gill from the Research School of Chemistry, elected for his fundamental and applied research in quantum chemistry, the discipline in which the laws of quantum mechanics are applied to understand and predict molecular behaviour;

Professor Michelle Coote from the Research School of Chemistry, elected for developing and applying accurate computational chemistry for modelling radical polymerization processes;

Professor Hans Bachor from the Research School of Physics and Engineering, elected for his pioneering work in quantum optics, which has opened new paths for quantum computing and quantum optical communication technologies;

Professor Hanna Kokko from the Research School of Biology, elected for her significant contributions to ecology and evolutionary biology using novel mathematic methods;

Professor Craig Moritz from the Research School of Biology, elected for his work to improve our understanding of evolutionary biology, particularly how new species arise and develop in different contexts.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young AO, congratulated the new Fellows and said the honour underlined the strength of Australia’s scientific research.

“To be elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science is a well-deserved honour and due recognition of scientific excellence and research,” Professor Young said.

“ANU extends its congratulations to the new Fellows.”

The Academy’s President Suzanne Cory also congratulated the new Fellows.

“All of these scientists are doing amazing and significant work in their chosen fields – they are the Olympic athletes of science.”

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