Launch of the Space Careers Wayfinder education program

Publication date
Friday, 22 Sep 2023

The Space Careers Wayfinder education program is an engaging series of video case studies and associated resources that showcase the broad diversity of career opportunities in the space sector.

The program is a collaboration between CSIRO and the Australian National University (ANU), led by ANU AITC Director Prof Celine D’Orgeville with support from the CSIRO education and outreach team.

Two of the program's videos feature our very own researchers at the AITC, Dr Joice Mathew and Dr Noelia Martinez. Dr Mathew discusses the process of designing and testing instruments for space missions, highlighting the importance of simulating space conditions on Earth. Dr Martinez discusses her work in building instrumentation to correct for atmospheric effects on light in astronomy and satellite observations. She also explains the need for technical skills in maths and physics, as well as effective communication skills in working with diverse teams.

While the videos and materials are initially aimed at high school teachers and students to inspire the new generation to work in the space sector, they are informative and fun to watch with anyone interested in space.