RSAA Colloquium: Dr Ben Montet (UNSW)

What can exoplanet search missions teach us about stellar physics?

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28 Nov 2023 11:00am
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Dr Ben Montet from the University of New South Wales
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NASA's Kepler, TESS, and Roman missions are providing high precision time-series photometry of millions of stars in the search for transiting planets. While wildly successful at revolutionising our understanding of planetary systems, these data also provide a unique opportunity to study the evolution of magnetic activity across stellar lifetimes. From stellar flares to rotation and brightness variations on years-long timescales, these missions have transformed our understanding of stellar activity and how it varies with stellar mass, age, and composition. In this talk, I will present an overview of how these exoplanet-focussed missions have enabled a lagniappe of science results, improving our understanding of stellar surfaces, and some of the opportunities to extend this understanding further in the coming years.


Zoom or Duffield Lecture Theatre, Mt Stromlo