Mount Stromlo 100th - Oxygen: Breathing the Universe

Oxygen: Breathing the Universe with Prof Lisa Kewley

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19 Sep 2024 7:00pm - 19 Sep 2024 8:15pm
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Prof Lisa Kewley
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Prof Lisa Kewley

Lisa Kewley is Professor of Astrophysics at the Harvard Department of Astronomy, and Director of the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian. During this public lecture, guests will go on a journey with oxygen from the formation of the first oxygen in the infant universe shortly after the Big Bang, to the oxygen on Earth today. Professor Kewley will describe how current ground and space telescopes are helping us measure and understand the origins of the oxygen atoms that we breathe on Earth, and how the next generation of telescopes, including the Giant Magellan Telescope, in which Australia is a partner, will revolutionize our understanding of oxygen on planets outside our solar system. Breathe deeply. We are going on a tremendous ride!


Research School of Physics Auditorium

60 Mills Road

Acton, ACT 2601

-35.2839744, 149.1131291

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