SkyMapper instrument


The features of the SkyMapper wide-field camera, designed and built at RSAA, include:

  • 32 4k x 2k CCDs 
  • shack-hartmann feed
  • cooled with closed cycle cryogenic system
  • 6 filter slots 
  • StarGrasp controller for CCD readout
  • 2.34° x 2.40° field of view.

Performance goals

  • 20s readout
  • 5e- readnoise
  • 125,000e- full well
  • linearity to 0.5%
  • QE > 60% (400-850nm), QE > 20% (300-950nm)
Shutter Accuracy: 1% on 1 second exposure
Filter Exchange time:  20s
The figure below shows the expected throughput of the instrument plus detectors not including atmospheric extinction compared to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey instrumentation (black curve).

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