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Each summer RSAA offers a number of Summer Research Scholarships, which enable suitably qualified undergraduates to spend 8 to 11 weeks at Mount Stromlo working on a research project under the supervision of an RSAA astronomer or instrument scientist. The scholarships provide a first-hand view of the work at a research observatory and scholars have access to state-of-the-art optical, infrared, radio, computational and laboratory facilities. Areas of research include  instrumentation for astronomy and space, star formation, stellar evolution, galactic dynamics, observational cosmology, active galactic nuclei, interstellar-medium physics, computational astrophysics and planetary science.

These scholarships are intended for currently-enrolled undergraduate students at universities in Australia and New Zealand completing the third or fourth year of a full-time course leading to an honours degree. Outstanding second-year students who are intending to complete an honours degree may also be considered.

Please note: The AITC Summer Student Program / Northrop Grumman Global Externship Program that is offered to undergraduate students studying engineering, science, computer science or mathematics will be run as part of the Summer Research Scholarships program in 2019/2020. For application procedure and deadline, please see below.

Program and application dates

The RSAA Summer Research Scholarship/Internship (including the AITC Summer Student Program / Northrop Grumman Global Externship Program) will be run from Monday, 25th November 2019 to Friday, 24th January 2020.

The application period as been extended to 15th September 2019. Please apply through the ANU Programs and Courses website. Applicants will require two referee reports from academic referees.

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Available summer scholarship projects

You can find available summer scholarship projects on the potential projects page.