Unveiling the globular cluster system of Andromeda with the Hubble Space Telescope

Andromeda (M31) is the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own. Comparing the properties of its system of globular clusters against those for similar objects in the Milky Way offers an important means of investigating differences in the formation and evolution of the two galaxies. Recently a large amount of new Hubble Space Telescope data on M31 globular clusters has become available from (i) follow-up projects related to the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey of the M31 halo, and (ii) a multi-cycle Treasury programme imaging the M31 disk.

In this project you will utilise various subsets of these data to measure fundamental properties of Andromeda’s globular clusters, such as their metal abundances, ages, and structural parameters. For more information about this potential research topic or activity, or to discuss any related research area, please contact the supervisor.