Supernova feedback and star formation

Supernova explosions are one the most energetic events in the Universe. Supernova explosions play an important role for the evolution of galaxies and for driving turbulence in the interstellar medium They are so powerful that supernovae can potentially blow away the clouds in which they formed, and compress nearby gas to such high densities that new stars can form. This, however, remains one of the most important open questions in astrophysics and we will systematically attack this problem using supercomputer simulations.  

The aim of this project is to develop and to implement a simple subgrid recipe to model supernova explosions in large-scale hydrodynamical simulations of molecular cloud evolution and star formation. This will build on an existing grid-based code module to model jet and outflow feedback, but requires modifications to include supernova feedback. The main code used is FLASH and analysis code written in IDL/Python.