Observing HII region spectra in isolated dwarf irregular galaxies from the SIGRID sample

The SIGRID sample of isolated gas-rich dwarf irregular galaxies was published in 2011.  It comprises 83 objects, selected from the HIPASS Parkes neutral hydrogen survey.  Of these, only 19 have been well observed spectroscopically, using the WiFeS IFU spectrograph on The Australian National University 2.3m telescope at Siding Spring.  There are a number of interesting and unusual objects that warrant observation, with the possibility of finding very low (nebular) abundance objects.  The work will involve experience using the WiFeS spectrograph, reducing the data using the PyWifes pipeline, and analysing the results using the Mappings photoionisation models.

One object among those already observed needs to be investigated further, as it appears to contain no observable HII region nitrogen, implying perhaps near-primordial elemental abundances. The objects are distributed roughly evenly in RA, allowing useful observations at any time of year.  The observations will give the student experience in preparing Time Allocation Committee observing proposals.  It is likely that one or more research papers will result from the work, with consequent experience in the process of writing and submitting papers to research journals.