High-level control software for adaptive optics

Within the framework of the Space Environment Management Cooperative Research Centre, the ANU RSAA has partnered with EOS Space Systems to build a Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics system (LGS AO) for the 1.8 EOS telescope on Mount Stromlo. The system will improve satellite tracking and characterization capabilities as well as include a feature to push the debris with a high-power laser. As a part of the AO system development, extensive work on the computer simulation and instrument control software is carried out.

The successful applicant will join the ANU/EOS team. The LGS AO summer scholar will participate in development of the LGS AO instrument control software. The AO instrument contains a real-time computer that processes measurements from a sensor and calculates updated control voltages at a rate of 1000 times per second. The group is currently implementing a software package that takes care of the high-level supervision of the real-time instrument operations. The supervisor tool will process the real-time AO telemetry, perform data reduction, monitor the instrument performance, determine adaptive control laws and give visual feedback for the users.

The AO supervisor development includes multiple opportunities for the successful candidate to improve its performance and/or add functionality. This includes improvements in vibration control, system identification, optimizations in calibration procedures, programming a graphical user interface and so on.

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