The FunnelWeb survey for the TESS mission

A series of curent and upcoming space missions have targeted the brightest few million stars with unprecedented precision. The Gaia mission is measuring stellar positions to an accuracy ~100 times better than the previous state of the art (HIPPARCOS), while NASA's TESS mission will find most of the nearby transiting exoplanets. The missing piece of information is stellar parameters through spectroscopy - currently only (partly) known for the brightest ~200,000 stars.

In this project you will develop the FunnelWeb stellar parameter pipeline as part of a team that includes astronomers from ANU, UNSW and around Australia. The stellar parameters you find will not only help to characterise the planets found in the TESS mission, but will also help to understand the structure and evolution of our Galaxy - indeed, most of the local "thick disk" giant stars will be part of this FunnelWeb survey. There is some flexibility based on skillset as to what role you play in the FunnelWeb team.