The courses offered to PhD students at RSAA are outlined below. While undertaking coursework as part of the PhD program is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that students who have not completed the RSAA Honours or Masters program undertake at least some of these courses. Note, though, that courses taken during the PhD program will neither be assessed officially nor appear on a student's transcript.

Course availability information and course syllabi can be found by clicking on the Course Code below or directly in Programs and Courses.


ASTR6007: Stars  (6 units)

ASTR6002: Galaxies and Cosmology (6 units)

ASTR6013: Astrophysical Processes (6 units)

ASTR8002: Astrophysical Gas Dynamics (6 units)

ASTR8003: High Energy Astrophysics (6 units)

ASTR8004: Astronomical Computing (6 units)

ASTR8005: Stellar Atmosphere and Spectroscopy (6 units)

ASTR8006: Galaxies (6 units)

ASTR8007: Diffuse Matter in the Universe (6 units)

ASTR8008: Star Formation (6 units)

ASTR8011: Observational Techniques (6 units)

ASTR8016: Optical Instrumentation (6 units)

EMSC6022: Planetary Science (6 units) (Offered by the Research School of Earth Sciences)