Infrared surveys with the Siding Spring Transient Factory

Surveying the infrared sky has impact for many astronomical applications ranging from variable starts, supernovae or even stellar mergers.  The project involves the design and simulation of a survey that takes into account all its science cases in order to produce an optimised set of observations that will provide the right depth and cadence for as many use cases as possible. 

For an honours level student, the project will include a simulation component (first semester) that will take existing code and expend it to simulate multiple survey modes. The second semester will be spent applying the result of the simulation to the scheduler of the DREAMS telescope.

For a Phd project, the description above will also include the study of specific classes of objects that will be found by the survey. The class of object should be led by an appropriately selected supervisor. 

The project can also include contribution of the student to the automation of the ANU 2.3m telescope or the use of the telescope to follow up your class of object.

For additional details please reach out directly to teh supervisory team as projects can be tweaked to the interest of the student.