Space travel and planetary explorations forum at ANU

Dr Soyeon Yi: Space Travel and Planetary Explorations forum at ANU
As part of the University's Mt Stromlo's centenary celebrations in 2011, this lecture provides an opportunity to hear from experts in space travel research and space science research. 

Expert Panel

Dr Soyeon Yi - Dr Yi is a Korean Astronaut and Space Scientist with the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). On 8 April 2008, she was launched into space on board Soyuz TMA-12, and returned to Earth aboard Soyuz TMA-11, on April 19, 2008. Since returning, she has been working as a senior researcher at KARI, as well as acting as Korea's space ambassador.
Dr Daniel Bayliss - Dr Bayliss is an astronomer at the Mt Stromlo Observatory. His research focuses on detecting and studying 'extrasolar' planets - planets that orbit stars in our Galaxy (other than our Sun).
Dr Charles Lineweaver -- Dr Lineweaver is an Associate Professor at the Planetary Science Institute, ANU. His research involves the analysis of the distribution of exoplanets, the cosmic microwave background radiation and cosmological prerequisites for the formation of terrestrial planets and life.


Dr Will Grant -- Dr Grant is a researcher at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. His current research includes looking at the relationship between science and public policy, an investigation of science communication.
Korean Astronaut Dr Yi Soyeon's visit to Australia was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The recording of the forum is available through the YouTube ANU Channel. Recordings that display the lecture slides are also available: