AITC welcomes Prof. Celine d’Orgeville as new Director

Professor Céline d’Orgeville
14 November 2022

Professor Celine D’Orgeville has recently been appointed Director of RSAA’s Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre (AITC). As the AITC Deputy Director for the past year and a half, Celine has been working closely with RSAA Director Matthew Colless, AITC Technical Director Roger Haynes and the AITC Research Leads to keep the AITC’s research and innovation programs on their successful upward trajectory. Over this time, the AITC science and engineering team has captured substantial funding for diverse instrumentation and technology projects for astronomy and space applications. The AITC is increasing its workforce rapidly in response, including a ground-breaking effort to recruit 10 women and gender diverse academic and technical positions. The AITC therefore has a strong base to build on, and Celine is keen to make her Directorship a success for the AITC, the School, the University, the AITC’s partners and stakeholders - and for each and every one of the AITC's staff and students.