Science at the Movies - Star Wars: the Force Awakens

Star Wars: the Force Awakens Star Wars: the Force Awakens poster

It’s that time of year again! Time for star-crossed nerds, space cadets and jedi (of course) to come together to celebrate Star Wars Day as Mount Stromlo Observatory once again hosts Science at the Movies.

We’ll be screening Star Wars: the Force Awakens followed by an opportunity to ask your most burning questions about the fictional universe. How successful would robots be in space? How has Star Wars become such a successful and revered franchise? If we know we could, should we be sending civilians into space? How much astronomy is factual in the movies?

Who in the universe is qualified to answer all these questions? Our panel of course! The panel will include: 

  • Nikki Coleman: military space bioethicist

  • Damith Herath: roboticist

  • Katharina Bonzel: TV and film expert

  • Ryan Ridden-Harper: astrophysicist

The event will be MCed by Ingrid McCarthy from ASTRO 3D.

The movie will start promptly at 7:00pm and will be followed by our panel.

Your ticket includes a slushie and popcorn. Dressing up as your favourite Star Wars character is also HIGHLY encouraged!