Mt. Stromlo Public Astronomy Night Online

Mount Stromlo Observatory in conjunction with the Canberra Astronomical Society invite you to (virtually) attend our public observing nights of 2020. Come and see the craters of the moon, planets, and beautiful star clusters and nebulae. On the night attendees will be taken on a ‘tour of the universe’ with talks by astronomers from Mt. Stromlo Observatory and telescope observations.

The talk was streamed on Facebook Live. Due to technical difficulties, only a recording of the second talk of the night is available to watch on our Facebook page (see the 'Public Astronomy Nights' playlist). The first talk can be viewed by clicking on the video in the media gallery above.

In the event of cloudy/bad weather, stargazing will be cancelled (the talks will occur regardless of the weather). You can check out the weather at Mt Stromlo using our all sky camera. We will also post updates on our Facebook page.

If you like what we do and would like to support our public programs, you can donate online.


Geoff Bonning: "Asteroids and Meteorites" (kid-friendly)

Asteroids are the leftovers of planet formation. They have a lot to tell us about how the Earth formed, and maybe even how life got started.

Bio: Geoff Bonning has been interested in the Solar System and space from a young age and he studied as much science as he could through school. He now studies chondrites. Chondrites are the oldest meteorites in the Solar System and help us understand how the Solar System formed.


Eloise Birchall: "Building Blocks for Baby Planets"

Ever wondered how the Earth and other planets ended up around the Sun? In this talk Eloise will explain how planets grow and how they can get their moons.

Bio: Eloise Birchall is a PhD student at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. She studies the earliest stages of star and planet formation to figure out where and when planets start to form. Her scientific interests are all stages of star and planet formation



2020 Dates: 1 May (online), 29 May (online), 26 June (online), 17 July (online), 21 August (hopefully in person, TBA), 25 September (hopefully in person, TBA).