AstroSats 2014 - Astronomy Satellites Workshop

The purpose of AstroSats 2014 is to bring together the astronomical research and satellite engineering communities to explore science cases and astronomical instrumentation concepts suitable for small satellites (particularly CubeSats, but potentially other nanosats or balloon missions).

The goal is to identify well-justified and viable missions taking advantage of the facilities and capabilities at Australian institutions, including those at The Australian National University Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC), that could be funded within existing grant schemes. The workshop will seek to define appropriate staged targets for the short (1-2 years), medium (3-5 years) and long term (up to 10 years).

The workshop is intended for astronomers with ideas for small space missions and those interested in finding out what is now possible with small satellites and balloons. Participants will include:

  • People who have ideas for exo-atmospheric astronomy research;
  • People who have experience with satellite and balloon programs;
  • People who have experience with science program funded by ARC grants;
  • People who want to use scientific data from this class of mission;
  • People who wish to be part of the teams that will build these missions.

Participants are invited to contribute presentations on any of the following topics:

  • Astronomical research requiring small space missions;
  • Astronomical instrumentation for small satellites or balloons;
  • Mission concept outlines for astronomical research;
  • Lessons learned from previous astronomical space missions.

There is no registration fee for the workshop, but those wishing to participate must email the following information to Cristina Holman ( by 1 December 2014 (Contribution abstract deadline is 28th November. Presenters will be notified by the 4th December):

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Contribution title & abstract (optional)
  • Any special requirements (optional)

For more information on Cubesats, please see here (PDF, 4.2 MB). For a flyer including a complete program, please see here (PDF, 222 KB).

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.