Black hole phenomena

Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in astrophysics, and it is now thought that many of the most energetic processes in the universe are related, or attributable to, these enigmatic phenomena. Astrophysicists at...

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Galactic archaeology

Like traditional archaeologists, who study human history by investigating the remnants that can be excavated and observed today, galactic archaeologists trace the history and formation of the Milky Way galaxy from detailed...

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RSAA has a long history of research and development in astronomical instrumentation, and has constructed a number of precision instruments for our own telescopes, and others around the world. The Advanced Instrumentation...

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Stellar and planetary astronomy

Stellar astronomy Stars and stellar systems may contain only a tiny fraction of the mass in the universe, but they are responsible for the chemical diversity of matter that allows life to exist.  Observational and theoretical...

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Structure and evolution of the Cosmos

On the largest and most distant scales, astrophysicists and cosmologists at RSAA study many types of distant galaxies, investigate the nature of the early universe, and measure the expansion of space itself. Areas of study in...

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