Star name Brightness class Name of adopter
Orion - the Hunter
Alpha Orionis, Betelgeuse 0-1 Alice Kelly
Beta Orionis, Rigel, Algebar 0-1 Christopher
Gamma Orionis, Bellatrix 1-2 Stacey Waters
Delta Orionis, Mintaka 2-3 Evelyn Ellison
Epsilon Orionis, Alnilam 1-2 Siew Hua Lee
Zeta Orionis, Alnitak 2-3 Andy Reid
Eta Orionis 3-4 Sara Gardner
Theta 1 Orionis 5-6 Joseph Stivala
Theta 2 Orionis 5-6 Darren Charles Prime
Iota Orionis, Nair al Saif 2-3 Tamsin Georgina Carroll
Kappa Orionis, Saiph 2-3 Tarsha Hutchinson
Lambda Orionis, Heka, Meissa 5-6 Riordon Bell
Mu Orionis 4-5 Sharon Holt
Nu Orionis 4-5 Martin Ray Goldstein
Xi Orionis 4-5 Jeff Freeny
Omicron 1 Orionis 4-5 Freda Pengelly
Omicron 2 Orionis 4-5 Scott Bedwell
Pi 1 Orionis 4-5 Graeme Blank
Pi 2 Orionis 4-5 Karen Moseley
Pi 3 Orionis 3-4 Ross & Kathy Hood
Pi 4 Orionis 3-4 Malcolm
Pi 5 Orionis 3-4 Mildred Bell
Pi 6 Orionis 4-5 Wal Holt
Rho Orionis 4-5 Les Morris
Sigma Orionis 3-4 Blaine Lawler
Tau Orionis 3-4 Graeme Belbin
Upsilon Orionis 4-5 Mark Henshaw
Phi 1 Orionis 4-5 Antonia Kouper
Phi 2 Orionis 4-5 Steven Wynn
Chi 1 Orionis 4-5 Bec Prewett
Chi 2 Orionis 4-5 Skye Holt
Psi 2 Orionis 4-5 Mark Lee
Omega Orionis 4-5 Monica & Rebekah Hitchenson
HR1507 A Orionis 5-6 Jessica Quinlivan Farrugia
HR1507 B Orionis 5-6 Lisa Pollet
HR1519 Orionis 5-6 Jordan Ellery
HR1522 Orionis 6-7 Schaye Brown
HR1534 Orionis 6-7 Julie Bendall
HR1553 Orionis 6-7 Chris Fisher
HR1562 Orionis 5-6 Pamela Alice Charlton
HR1565 Orionis 6-7 Victoria Burgess
HR1567 Orionis 5-6 Lachlan Kyle Verwer
HR1569 Orionis 5-6 Amie Mahar
HR1571 Orionis 5-6 Thomas Andrews
HR1574 Orionis 5-6 Lee Alan Kirkup
HR1578 Orionis 6-7 Annie Tan
HR1591 Orionis 6-7 Adrian Roger Glass
HR1596 Orionis 6-7 Tenille Juno
HR1600 Orionis 6-7 Harrison Craig
HR1610 Orionis 6-7 Bill Bollard and Jenny Montessori
HR1613 Orionis 6-7 Jane and Brent
HR1618 Orionis 5-6 Aaron Judge
HR1619 Orionis 6-7 Jacqui Vale
HR1638 Orionis 4-5 Rebecca Hopper
HR1646 Orionis 6-7 Lauren Michelle
HR1648 Orionis 6-7 Miles Hickman
HR1662 Orionis 6-7 Leonor del Carmen Debreczeni
HR1664 Orionis 5-6 Lewis Keith Broadbent
HR1672 Orionis 5-6 Mr D Linke
HR1676 Orionis 4-5 Troy Arnould
HR1681 Orionis 6-7 Aaron Crow
HR1685 Orionis 6-7 Muriel Handford
HR1687 Orionis 5-6 Angie Kay
HR1690 Orionis 6-7 Justin Goodwin
HR1697 Orionis 5-6 Sierra Rebecca Shae Williams
HR1701 Orionis 6-7 Lloyd Declan Horvath
HR1703 Orionis 6-7 Paris Ann Wallington
HR1704 Orionis 6-7 Claire and Colin Philps
HR1709 Orionis 5-6 Alana Bruell
HR1717 Orionis 6-7 Cheryl McCarthy for Faye
HR1718 Orionis 5-6 Mark Duncan
HR1724 Orionis 6-7 Ashley Parker
HR1746 Orionis 5-6 Phillip Bancroft
HR1748 Orionis 6-7 Frederick Wallace McLeod
HR1759 Orionis 6-7 Peter Bowtell
HR1761 Orionis 6-7 Brett Andrew Vaughan
HR1763 Orionis 5-6 Robert Arthur
HR1764 Orionis 5-6 Marissa Pereira
HR1765 Orionis 4-5 Sam Hillcoat
HR1770 Orionis 5-6 Natalie Cutler
HR1777 Orionis 6-7 Jeanene Margiolakis
HR1778 Orionis 5-6 Saminda Foley
HR1781 Orionis 5-6 Christopher Yager
HR1782 Orionis 6-7 Lauren Rose Cunningham
HR1784 Orionis 4-5 Henry John Mortlock
HR1786 Orionis 6-7 Michael Beverin
HR1787 Orionis 5-6 Diahann Butler
HR1789 Orionis 4-5 Nabob Nayler
HR1799 Orionis 5-6 Adrian O'Leary
HR1800 Orionis 6-7 Darragh Donuhue
HR1803 Orionis 6-7 Vince Severi
HR1806 Orionis 6-7 Gran
HR1807 Orionis 6-7 Dan Haynes
HR1809 Orionis 6-7 Daniella Sebestyen
HR1819 Orionis 6-7 Jamie Malligan
HR1820 Orionis 6-7 Irene and Les Lovell
HR1826 Orionis 6-7 Jessica Elle Archer
HR1830 Orionis 5-6 Kathryn M Hodges
HR1832 Orionis 5-6 Robert Skliwa
HR1833 Orionis 5-6 Belinda and Michael
HR1834 Orionis 4-5 Kim Hudspeth Brasch
HR1837 Orionis 6-7 Joyce Curran
HR1839 Orionis 4-5 Mark Sippel
HR1840 Orionis 6-7 Mohamed and Layelle Makki
HR1842 Orionis 5-6 Patricia Richards
HR1848 Orionis 6-7 Melissa Wellington
HR1851 Orionis 6-7 Duncan Tynan
HR1861 Orionis 5-6 Renny Willins
HR1863 Orionis 6-7 John Papasoulis
HR1864 Orionis 5-6 Kelly Everson
HR1868 Orionis 5-6 Mr Cecil Roy Barlow
HR1871 Orionis 6-7 Charlie Angus Dunn
HR1872 Orionis 5-6 Rachel and Andrew Montgomery
HR1873 Orionis 6-7 Lily Jade
HR1874 Orionis 5-6 Garry Ohlback
HR1883 Orionis 5-6 Mathew John Wade
HR1886 Orionis 5-6 Kellie Savage
HR1887 Orionis 4-5 Barry Gibbs
HR1890 Orionis 6-7 Jake Forbes Milligan
HR1891 Orionis 6-7 Tahlia Skyla Hannan
HR1892 Orionis 4-5 Isabella Bronte Franklin
HR1893 Orionis 6-7 Rob and Gayle Grainger
HR1896 Orionis 6-7 Maxi Lipic McFadyen
HR1898 Orionis 6-7 Sandro Verrocchi
HR1900 Orionis 6-7 Amanda Warmerdam
HR1901 Orionis 5-6 Andrew & Claire Lee
HR1906 Orionis 6-7 Renee de Luca
HR1908 Orionis 5-6 Alexander Peterson
HR1911 Orionis 5-6 Lyndsay Senior
HR1913 Orionis 6-7 Anna Michelle Monaghan
HR1918 Orionis 6-7 Kimberley Roesler
HR1920 Orionis 5-6 Joanne Paydor
HR1923 Orionis 6-7 Gramps
HR1932 Orionis 6-7 Gitanjali and Arjun Singh
HR1933 Orionis 5-6 Timmy
HR1937 Orionis 4-5 Ellen Dawn Payne
HR1940 Orionis 6-7 Karin Maree Guth
HR1942 Orionis 6-7 Fay Neil
HR1950 Orionis 6-7 Marc Robert Simms
HR1952 Orionis 4-5 Graeme Bodger
HR1955 Orionis 5-6 Samantha Jongerden
HR1957 Orionis 6-7 Julie Suzanne Szczepitko
HR1959 Orionis 6-7 Christopher Kent
HR1963 Orionis 4-5 Kate Mengel
HR1963 Orionis 4-5 Kate Mengel
HR1967 Orionis 6-7 Brad Bennett
HR1970 Orionis 6-7 Thirza June
HR1978 Orionis 6-7 Brandon Charles Breadsell
HR1986 Orionis 6-7 Georgia Elise Douglas
HR1987 Orionis 5-6 Gloria Reeve
HR1988 Orionis 5-6 Jodie Maree Martin
HR1999 Orionis 5-6 Ron and Cath Farmer
HR2001 Orionis 6-7 Jessica Hoverman
HR2007 Orionis 5-6 Cakeman
HR2014 Orionis 5-6 Benton Silla
HR2019 Orionis 5-6 Mark "Pablo" Tunnicliffe
HR2024 Orionis 5-6 Paul Dixon
HR2030 Orionis 6-7 Rhea Ellison
HR2031 Orionis 5-6 Deborah Mary Lennon
HR2037 Orionis 4-5 Scott Irwin
HR2038 Orionis 6-7 Jago and Rebecca Trude
HR2039 Orionis 5-6 Ross Cameron Knibb
HR2048 Orionis 6-7 Raymond Hezkial
HR2050 Orionis 6-7 David M Walgers
HR2051 Orionis 6-7 Clayton James Howell
HR2052 Orionis 5-6 Daniel Bradby
HR2057 Orionis 6-7 Jack Elliot Ricci
HR2063 Orionis 5-6 Peter Fricker
HR2067 Orionis 6-7 Iain and Catherine McLachlan
HR2070 Orionis 5-6 Gwen Fricke
HR2071 Orionis 6-7 Alisha Anneli Koskinen
HR2075 Orionis 5-6 Melody Markby
HR2076 Orionis 5-6 Marie Underwood
HR2093 Orionis 6-7 Allison Cable
HR2097 Orionis 6-7 Herbert and Elizabeth Adloinger
HR2099 Orionis 5-6 Dennis DuPlaix
HR2100 Orionis 5-6 Adam Moyle
HR2103 Orionis 5-6 Tina Smigielski
HR2109 Orionis 6-7 Matthew Napier Williams
HR2113 Orionis 4-5 Harry Hillcoat
HR2127 Orionis 6-7 Jessica Lee Morlin
HR2130 Orionis 5-6 Glenn L Turner
HR2133 Orionis 6-7 Jason Dimorski and Natalie Kambos
HR2144 Orionis 5-6 Bianca Tulich
HR2145 Orionis 5-6 Geoff Sims
HR2154 Orionis 5-6 Russell Mottram
HR2167 Orionis 6-7 Cooper Richard Ager
HR2174 Orionis 5-6 Leigh Elvins
HR2184 Orionis 6-7 Mina Michael Kassiou
HR2191 Orionis 6-7 Terry "Ted" Henry
HR2193 Orionis 5-6 Cassandra Jones
HR2198 Orionis 4-5 Tori Holt
HR2208 Orionis 6-7 Karen "Kacka" Lamb
HR2210 Orionis 6-7 Josephine Winifred Trobe
HR2214 Orionis 5-6 Herwardt Ziemer
HR2218 Orionis 5-6 Angela Ivanovici
HR2220 A Orionis 5-6 Rachael Blackley
HR2220 B Orionis 5-6 Scott Fryer
HR2222 Orionis 5-6 Averil Labrie
HR2223 Orionis 5-6 Pfeiffer Clan
HR2229 Orionis 5-6 John Gunzburg
HR2231 Orionis 6-7 Rebecca and Daniel Marsh
HR2233 Orionis 5-6 Christine
HR2235 Orionis 6-7 Bethany
HR2236 Orionis 6-7 Zoe Underwood
HR2241 Orionis 5-6 Joy Gunzburg
HR2247 Orionis 5-6 Ratchel Lim Austin
HR2250 Orionis 6-7 Jess and Darren
HR2251 Orionis 5-6 Campbell Spencer
HR2253 Orionis 6-7 Lataya Forligo
HR2258 Orionis 6-7 Alison van Arkkels
HR2259 Orionis 6-7 Lotus
HR2269 Orionis 5-6 Lisa Li
HR2275 Orionis 4-5 Kim Harris
HR2287 Orionis 6-7 Kathryn Lee Garren
NGC1976, M42 Orionis the Great Nebula Robert Nall
NGC1982, M43 Orionis bright nebula Andrew Cohen
NGC2068, M78 Orionis bright nebula Mark Andrew Clarke


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