Movies and public lectures

Space science & climate change

As part of Mt Stromlo's centenary celebrations for 2011, this lecture series provides an opportunity to hear from experts in space science technology. In order to understand fully the causes of climate change we must understand the complex interactions that control our environment on a global scale. Space assets provide the most effective way of studying the conditions, composition and changes of our atmosphere/biosphere on a planet-wide scale. This talk will first explore what is 'known' about...

3-D relativistic galactic jet simulation

This is a movie rendered in three dimensions of a supercomputer simulation of a powerful relativistic jet interacting with dense clouds surrounding an active galactic nucleus. If the clouds were left to themselves, they would form stars but the jet pushes the clouds away from the nucleus, inhibiting further star formation and preventing further mass from flowing into the black hole. Simulation and movie by Geoff Bicknell and Alex Wagner.

Tales of stars and stellar systems - part 1

In the first of this two-part video Dr Helmut Jerjen tells 'Tales of stars and stellar systems' . The event is part of Mount Stromlo's Centenary Celebrations.   Astronomy has arguably had the single largest impact on the development of science, human society and culture over the past 10,000 years. On our journey through space and time we will explore the glorious life of our sun, learn how astrophysical knowledge acquired 100 years ago can help to solve the energy crisis on Earth today, and...

RSAA Researchers at TEDx

Over the past two years, RSAA researches Professor Brian Schmidt and Dr. Charley Lineweaver have been presenting talks at TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design), sharing their ideas, thoughts and research on the nature of the Universe.   Dr. Charley Lineweaver - Science, Humility and the Fallacy of the Planet of the Apes (Canberra, September 2013)   Professor Brian Schmidt - There is Certainty in Uncertainty (Canberra, September 2012) http://www....

3-D simulation of an AGN jet

This is a slice through the mid-plane of a three-dimensional simulation of a powerful jet pushing its way through an inhomogeneous dense sphere of clouds surrounding an active galactic nucleus. The jet pushes clouds away from the core of the evolving galaxy, heating and dispersing gas and preventing it from collapsing and fuelling further star formation in the galaxy. Simulation and movie by Geoff Bicknell and Alexander Wagner.


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